" deva-dvija-guru-prajna pujanam shaucamarjavam
brahmacaryam ahimsa ca sariram tapa ucyate" ...
"Austerity of the body consists in worship of the Supreme Lord,
the brahmanas, the spiritual master, and superiors like the father and mother,
and in cleanliness, simplicity, celibacy and nonviolence."

Founded in 1973, Kali Mandir Chittaranjan Park has by now established itself as one of the prominent religious and cultural centres of Delhi. During festivals, it is the dream destination for everybody in and around Delhi. Because the Mandir meticulously hosts all possible puja and festivals... baaro maashey tero parbon.. and welcomes all with open arms. The elevated pollution free serene huge campus, besides housing three interconnected aesthetically pleasing temples dedicated to Shiva, Dakshina Kali and Radha-Krishna, has halls for cultural functions and discourses, library, tirthashram, homeopathy, naturopathy yoga centres and spaces crafted to accommodate festivals like Durga Puja, Annapurna Puja, Basanti Puja, Diwali, Rath yatra, etc., massive cultural programmes, childrens' park, musical fountain, etc.

Event Diary
4th Mar, Saturday - Golden Jubilee Celebration
Kali Mandir Society in engaged in the service of humanity through social, economic, cultural, religious services round the year...
Numerous people, patients, students, job-seekers, pilgrims and tourists come to the capital for various needs. To mitigate acute hardship which a visitor...
Summer: 4:45am - 12:30pm / 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Winter: 5:45am - 1:00pm / 4:30pm - 09:00pm