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Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society (Regd),
Mandir Complex, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi - 110019

Phone: 011-26276661, 26272924

Yatri Niwas (Dharmashala): 011-26272924

  Dr. Pradip Majumdar (Secretary)
Mob: 9868178392
  Cultural Activity
  Mr. Santi Mazumder (Vice President - Cultural & Administration)
Mob: 9868178392     Desk: 011-26276661
  Visualization, Web Related Matters and Feedback:
  Prof. P K Bhattacharyya Shri Suhan Basu
  Mob: 9810246641 Mob: 9871153033
  Email: Email:
Kali Mandir Society in engaged in the service of humanity through social, economic, cultural, religious services round the year...
Numerous people, patients, students, job-seekers, pilgrims and tourists come to the capital for various needs. To mitigate acute hardship which a visitor...
Summer: 4:45am - 12:30pm / 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Winter: 5:45am - 1:00pm / 4:30pm - 09:00pm